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Drake en los KCA 2008

Ganadores de los KCA 2008

Aca arme la lista con todos lo ganadores de los Kids’ Choice Awards 2008.
Como ya se habran enterado gano Drake como actor favorito!!!
y "Drake and Josh" en la categoria de programa de tv favorito.

  • Show de TV favorito: “Drake and Josh”
  • Actor favorito de TV: Drake Bell
  • Actriz favorita de TV: Miley Cyrus
  • Reality Show favorito: "American Idol"
  • Cartoon favorito: "Avatar, el ultimo maestro aire"
  • Pelicula favorita: Alvin and the Chimpmuks
  • Actor de pelicula favorito: Johnny Depp
  • Actriz de pelicula favorita: Jessica Alba
  • Pelicula Animada favorita: Ratatouille
  • Voz para pelicula animada favorita: Eddie Murphy (Shrek The Third)
  • Grupo de musica favorito: The Jonas Brothers
  • Cancion favorita: Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)
  • Cantante favorita: Miley Cyrus
  • Cantante favorito: Chris Brown
  • Atleta favorito:Tony Hawk
  • Atleta favorita: Danica Patrick
  • Libro favorito: Harry Potter Series
  • Videojuego favorito:Madden NFL 08
  • Wannabe Award: Cameron Diaz

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Fotos...Drake hosts TeeNick - 3/23/08

TeeNick - 23/03/08

Fotos Stuperhero Saturday - 22/03/08

Stuperhero Saturday - 22/03/08

Otra nueva entrevista a Drake

The young actor talks about his role, his co-stars and future projects.

Drake Bell might not be a household name... unless that household has adolescents. Drake starred in the Nickelodeon program Drake & Josh, with co-star Josh Peck for three seasons and his popularity on that show helped secure his lead role in Superhero Movie. I had the chance to talk with this young actor over the phone about the movie and some new future projects.

How did you first become involved in this project?

Drake Bell: They kinda came to me. The writer and producer Craig (Mazin) and David Zucker, they have kids, who were avid viewers of Drake & Josh. I think they were looking for a kid for this part and they were looking for somebody who could play that superhero character but could also be a bumbling idiot when he's not in the costume. They just came to me because they liked Drake & Josh. It's very physical, a lot like the stuff we do on Drake & Josh.

Is taking this on kind of like taking a break from all the kids stuff, so to speak?

Drake Bell: Yeah, yeah. It's still very in the vein of that younger era, but it's not kidsy. It's still a youthful movie though. It's great because I grew up on Airplane! and The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad and that kind of humor, and Top Secret! and all that stuff, so that's what I love. But, to actually be able to do this with Leslie Nielsen, I'm not just doing a spoof movie, I'm actually running dialogue with the king of it. Having David Zucker and Craig Mazin is awesome. To have Zucker there, laughing at you it's just like, 'What? I grew up on all the crap you wrote, man!' So it's a trip.

Do you think your fans from Drake & Josh will be attracted to this movie as well? Will there be any crossover?

Drake Bell: Oh absolutely. Yeah, definitely. This movie is definitely goes to more the 18 and up, or 16 and up, but there is a lot of stuff here that the Drake & Josh audience will just eat up.

I interviewed Sara Paxton recently and it sounded like she just had a blast on this movie. What was it like working with her?

Drake Bell: It was awesome. We had a lot of fun, just because the fact of what we were doing was nonsense. Half the stuff we were doing and saying was just absurd, so to be able to do that with a great group of people was just a blast all day. It was great.

The supporting cast is just huge. You have everyone from Pamela Anderson to Tracey Morgan...

Drake Bell: Oh yeah man. Tracey Morgan was such a blast to work with. He was awesome. Working with Christopher McDonald, he's just amazing. It's really cool. We had a lot of people. Simon Rex came in and did a little bit and it was just a great group of people. They all really loved the idea and they were all having fun. I got to hear a bunch of old SNL stories, so it was great.

You're basically playing a version of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man. Was there any pressure stepping into that kind of a shadow with this role?

Drake Bell: No, I didn't feel like that at all. It is spoofing Tobey Maguire's character, but these characters take on a life of their own. Sara's character, she's dimmer than Mary Jane. She's a little bit more of the blonde airhead. But no, I didn't feel any pressure. It's not like I was doing Spider-Man 3 and Tobey had done 1 and 2, you know.

Yeah, that's true. Obviously, the comic-book adaptations are just huge business now. Do you think a spoof like this would attract a regular comic-book fanboy?

Drake Bell: Actually, I really do. The main thing is Spider-Man 3, but we spoof Batman and X-Men and Fantastic Four. If there's a superhero movie, we're spoofing it. There's a scene where we go through Xavier's School for the Gifted and there's just a bunch of different types of superheroes doing just absurd things. Wolverine shaving his legs with his blades, just crazy stuff like that. I think comic book fans will still get a kick out of it.

Is there anything you can tell us about College or your new Drake & Josh movie?

Drake Bell: Yeah. The Drake & Josh, we're going into production in June or July, something like that. We're just going to do a little movie-of-the-week for the network, which is great because the show's been done and I haven't gotten to work with Josh and it was just like, 'Let's get back together and play around.' So that's going to be fun. That should air at the end of the year. I think they're trying to go a Christmas episode, because we never tackled Christmas on Drake & Josh. We were talking to Dan (Schnieder), the executive producer. Actually, Josh and I called him separately and we both said, 'We wanna work together again. Let's just do something.' So we just got this project together so we could get back together and hang out. We got all the old crew back there so it's just like a reunion. College, I'm not sure of the release date on that, because they keep shifting that around, but that's definitely more for the older audience. It's rated R. It's fun, if you like that quirky humor and partying. Gary Owen is in it and he's just really funny. Andrew Caldwell from Drillbit Taylor, he's just so funny it's ridiculous. He's like a mini John Candy or something, man. He's just hilarious.

Is there anything you're eyeing up for the future? Maybe some dream project you're looking out for?

Drake Bell: No, not really. I'm working on my record right now, so hopefully I'll be getting into that heavier as the months go on. That's pretty much it, yeah.

Finally, I read that you got into acting randomly when your dad asked you when you were 5 years old if you wanted to be an actor. Where do you think you'd be doing today if your dad hadn't asked that?

Drake Bell: Oh man. I have no clue what I'd be doing right now. I don't like anything else, just acting and music. Maybe I would've gotten into music, you know. I don't know if I would've had like a garage band somewhere in Orange County or if I would've tried to get signed or what. I don't know. I'm glad you asked me.

Well, that's about all I have for you, Drake. Thanks a lot for your time.

Drake Bell: Cool. Thank you.

Superhero Movie will be released in theaters on March 28

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TRL - 3/18/08

Fotos de Drake TRL - 3/18/08

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Dos nuevas peliculas de Drake and Josh?

Ya hace un tiempo que escuchamos hablar sobre la pelicula Drake &Josh in New York ,
y todos pensaban que era un rumor, pero Miranda Cosgrove ha dicho ella misma, que dos películas de Drake & Josh podría estar en los planes!!!
No se entusiasmen demasiado, esto no es oficial aún.

Un extracto de su entrevista a continuación:

"So, here's the big news: There are going to be TWO "Drake and Josh" movies. The first one is "Drake and Josh in New York," and other one will be "Drake and Josh at Christmas." (Don't hold me to the titles; the first one is in pre-production, the other still in even earlier stages.) Super-duper kids producer, Dan Schneider, is doing both."

"Así que, aquí está la gran noticia: se van a hacer dos peliculas de " Drake y Josh . La primera de ellas es"Drake &Josh in New York "( se encuentra en pre-produccion), y la otra, que se disponen a hacer seria "Drake and Josh at Christmas."

(Articulo completo)

Gracias como siempre a, por las novedades!

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Otra nueva apariencia!

Drake va a estar en The View el 20 de Marzo!
El espectáculo se va a transmitir por ABC a las 11:00 AM.

Gracias a, por la info.

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Drake en Total Request Live

Drake va a estar en MTV's TRL,
el próximo martes,18 de marzo de a las 3:30 pm.
Asi que hay que esperar hasta la semana que viene, que la web, suba las fotos!

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College: nueva imagen promocinal


"After Kevin, a high school senior, gets dumped by his girlfriend for being too boring, he doesn’t want to go to the freshman orientation weekend at Fairmont University, where they had planned to go together. But his best friends, Cater and Morris, convince him that the weekend away will help get his mind off her. Once there, one of the rowdiest fraternities on campus decides to recruit them as “pledges” in return for granting them access to the college party scene. Though forced to put up with the disgusting antics of fraternity brothers Teague, Bearcat, and Cooper, the guys meet sorority girls Kendall, Heather, and Amy, and sparks fly all around. But once Teague feels threatened by Kevin’s new relationship with Kendall, he takes the pre-frosh humiliation to a greater level, and the guys decides to fight back, pulling a huge prank that lands them on top."

Estado: En Produccion
Genero: Comedia, adolescente
Fecha de estreno: 11 de abril del 2008 ( en EE UU)
MPAA Rating: R for pervasive crude and sexual content, nudity,
language, drug and alcohol abuse.
Co producción:
Element Films, LIFT Productions, State Street Pictures
Lugares donde se filmo:New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Producido en: Estados Unidos

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Actualizaron la web oficial de Superhero

En el sitio oficial de la película de Superheroe, finalmente le agregaron algunos clips, galeria de fotos.
Y también tienen 3 fondos de escritorio, para descargar.
Entren! haciendo click aca.

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Kids' Choice Awards 2008

Hoy es el día!!!
Comienza la votacion para los 21st Kids' Choice Awards.
Recuerden que Drake esta nominado en la categoria de actor favorito junto con Josh Peck, Dylan Sprouse y Cole Sprouse.
Y en la categoria de show favorito de tv, por "Drake & Josh".
La entrega de premios se va a celebrar el 29 de marzo.
Asi que empiezen a votar ahora haciendo click aca.

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Llegamos a las 10.000 visitas!!!

Si, gracias a todos ustedes que visitan el blog siempre!..

Ya hace mas de medio año que empezamos con el blog,
y estos ultimos meses las visitas aumentaron un monton!
al igual que las demandas para que Drake venga a Argentina,
cuando iniciamos el blog eran nada mas 2 las demandas,
y hoy ya son 45!!!

Gracias por todo eso!

Dos nuevas imagenes promocionales de la peicula Superhero

Acordes: "Found a Way"

[E] I never thought [A] that it'd be so [B] simple but
[E] I found a way, [A] I found a [B] way
[E] I always thought that it'd [A] be too [B] crazy but
[E] I found a way, [A] I found a [B] way
[C#m] If you open up [F#] your [A] mind
[Am] See what's inside

[E] It's gonna [F#] take some time, to [A] realize [Am]
[E]But if you [F#] look inside, I'm [A] sure you'll find [Am]
[E] Over your shoulder [F#] you know that, I told you
[A] I'll always be pickin' you up when you're [F#] down
So just turn [A] around [Am]
[E] Well now [A] that I know that [B] anything's [E] possible
[A] I found a way, [B] I found a [E] way
[E] No one can break [A] what's so [B] unbreakable
[E] I found a way, [A] I found a [B] way
[C#m] If you open up [F#] your [A] mind
[Am] See what's inside

[E] It's gonna [F#] take some time, to [A] realize [Am]
[E]But if you [F#] look inside, I'm [A] sure you'll find [Am]
[E] Over your shoulder [F#] you know that, I told you
[A] I'll always be pickin' you up when you're [F#] down
So just turn [A] around [Am] [E]

Les recomiendon que vean el video, en el que Drake explica como tocar la cancion, haciendo click aca.

Voten para que Drake Bell venga a la Argentina: